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Duncan Faber

Girl Wears Maxi Dress to First Day of Camp

Posted on July 7 2013 by DuncanFaber in fashion, shopping, clothing, girls dresses, maxi dress

Girl Wears Maxi Dress to First Day of Camp

Kids and their trends. My daughter just started her first day of camp, and apparently a girl showed up to her first day wearing an adorable girls maxi dress like this one. Maxi dresses used to be very popular in my day. I didn't realize they were making a comeback, but I guess they are. Everyone loved the style and wanted to borrow it. But that wasn't happening. The girl wasn't going to part with it for even five minutes. So now all the girls at the camp want their own maxi dress, including my own. I'm hoping the fad wears off. I just bought her a bunch of summer clothes from a big department store. But now my girl is saying she won't wear them at all, and that she'd rather "return all those ratty clothes and get just one maxi dress." I have to say, she has a point. There's no point in having a bunch of outfits if she's not going to put them on.

But I have a plan. I'm going to keep the old clothes with the tags still on them for a few weeks. If she forgets about the maxi dress stuff, I'll let her put the clothes on. But if she keeps on nagging me, and I have a feeling she will, then I'll let her buy a maxi dress for girls. I can tell this is the road we're going down, by the way. She's already done all the legwork. She found website that has a great selection of maxis. Are your girls like this, or is mine the only one? Do yours just keep banging ahead for something without giving up. Please tell me I'm not alone. I can't bare the thought that I'm the only parent whose girls drive them nuts, simply over dresses. I need a support group, y'all. I can't take this all the time.

Anyway, she did a Bing search for "Girls Maxi Dress" and one of the tops sites was a store called TwirlyGirl. They don't just sell maxi dresses. They also have skirts, tops, shirts, shorts, dresses, and skorts for girls. It really is a wonderfully creative site, so I like buying from them. Also, all of their clothes are Made in the USA. Go America. It's nice to finally be able to buy domestic these days.

Here's a link to the TwirlyGirl website. Tell them I sent you. They don't know who I am, but if enough people say my name, maybe they will. You don't just have to buy a girls maxi dress, by the way. Feel free to pick up any clothing you want. It is your money, after all. LOL. Click this link.

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