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Duncan Faber

Instead of book report, daughter writes about girls maxi dresses

Posted on August 4 2013 by DuncanFaber

Instead of book report, daughter writes about girls maxi dresses

My daughter can not be told what to do. Not by me, a teacher or anyone else. The day she was born the doctor tried to slap the kid's tush, but even then, she wriggled around and got out of it. No one was going to dictate how she should do things, not even on day one. The latest example of this came on Friday, when a school book report was due. She was supposed to write about one of the many novels she had to choose from. She read all of them, but decided none of them were interesting enough to warrant five hundred words. Instead, she decided to investigate a subject dear to the heart: girls maxi dresses which she first discovered on this site. Maxi dresses have since become her favorite topic to talk about. If there were a lecture circuit devoted to maxi dresses for girls, she would be the top speaker on it. She can tell you where to wear it, what to wear it with, how to accessorize a maxi, etc. And obviously, she's quite an authority on the history of the maxi dress.

For example, in the thesis paper, (or is it a dissertation? LOL) She mentioned that maxi dresses for girls first became popular in the 1970s because of their loose and flowing style. Women felt very comfortable and sophisticated in them. Flash forward 40 years, and they're back. Only now, the prints are more fun and funky than ever. And the fabrics are even softer. I have to say, the entire presentation was pretty impressive. She included lots of photos of maxis and even a video of a girl twirling in one that she found on the internet. And of course, she credited all sources. Most of the info she obtained from her favorite place to buy maxi dresses. It's a boutique, online store called TwirlyGirl. All of their girls dresses are made in the USA, and they have top notch customer service, according to my daughter. (Click on this link if you would like to see their website. They truly have some awesome stuff.)

Anyway, she turned it in and received an A+ for effort, which made the child ecstatic. However, she received and F for failing to follow instructions, which averaged out to a C grade. Was she happy about that? No. Will she do as she's told next time, probably not. Hilarious.

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